Yes, I’m Suing Keene and Governor Sununu

First of all, don’t ask me about legal things, because I don’t have the answer. I don’t know the legal standing that I have to sue the City of Keene or His Excellency Governor Sununu. I pay someone to answer those questions–an attorney. The attorney has assessed that I have standing, so…

I have joined Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live and Malaise Lindenfield in suing the City of Keene over its mask mandate, and suing Governor Sununu. This seems to be coming as a surprise to the people who discovered me due to the international reaction to my nomination as the GOP Sheriff Candidate in Cheshire County. However, I’m having a very difficult time figuring out why anyone is surprised by an anarchist… doing anarchist things. They’re surprised I’m pushing back against a power grab by the state? It surprises someone that an anarchist opposes any and all mandates from the state?

I’m confused that this confuses anyone.

Not only that, but five months ago in April I was writing with the Reformed Satanic Church about the dangers I foresaw in widespread mask-wearing. Sadly, the dangers I foresaw then have only become exacerbated, with increasing social divides between human beings at a time when we can afford no more division. For me, it has never been about whether masks work or not to inhibit the spread of Covid-19, and I have always been clear on that. Scientifically, yes, masks will help reduce the chance of someone who has Covid-19 from spreading Covid-19. That’s solid.

However, the assumption that everyone around you is a plague-carrying rat that you must be protected from… I have always opposed that, and I will always oppose that.

I will furthermore oppose any mandate from the state that requires me to allow myself to be treated that way, and one that is based wholesale on the notion.

It doesn’t matter to me what the end-goal is. I will always oppose the state being used as the weapon to reach that end. A moral outcome cannot be achieved through immoral means, and everything the state does is force, violence, and coercion.

If you want to wear a mask, fine. If the price of interacting with you is that I have to wear a mask, then I can either leave your presence or I can put on a mask. There is no reason whatsoever that violence has to enter this equation.

Entire industries were shut down with the stroke of a pen due to the lockdown orders issued by Governor Sununu. With the flick of his wrist, Sununu created twenty-thousand newly unemployed people. I cannot imagine how anyone can be okay with this.

Is it because “the greater good?” Is it some sort of non-sense about the greater good?

If so, I’ll return you to my statement that moral outcomes cannot result from immoral means.

It is impossible to eliminate drugs from society by going out and inflicting violence on the people who choose to partake in them, and decades upon decades of the Drug War have shown this. For some drugs, it’s probably a good thing that they be eliminated from society. Heroin, meth, cocaine… Society would probably be a better place if these things were gone. Decades into the Drug War, though, show that violence does not remove these things from society. Even if the aggression of the state had removed cocaine, heroin, and meth from society, at what human cost would that have come? How many murdered by the state? How many kidnapped? How many extorted? How many children taken from their loving parents? Even as a failure, the Drug War has wrought untold damage on the United States and the world. Imagine how great that damage would be if the War on Drugs had been a success.

“Well, we completely broke society, have 40% of the population in prison, only 6% of parents are raising their own children, 9,700 people are killed each year by the police, and we turned Afghanistan and Colombia into dust. But we eliminated heroin and cocaine!”

Would that be a moral outcome? Would anyone be okay with that, if painted in such stark terms? I would hope not. I would hope everyone would agree that the actions it would take to actually eliminate heroin and cocaine are so drastic and horrific that they must immediately be condemned as the actions of a maniac.

Furthermore, I am not going to lie. I’ve hidden my face from the world for most of my life, because I lived in the deep south full of Christians, and couldn’t live openly as a trans person. How dare you ask me to again hide my face. Then there are rape victims (I am not a rape victim) who report that wearing a face covering triggers flashbacks. I oppose any and all requirements by the state–and by anyone–that rape victims do things that will trigger flashbacks. 

We never know why someone isn’t wearing a mask. The assumption, though, has been “they are just being selfish.” I just hope people realize that they are thereby assuming that a rape victim who doesn’t want to relive her experience are “just being selfish.” I just hope they realize that telling a trans person to hide their face when they spent two decades doing that is “just being selfish.”

Furthermore, the enforcement apparatus of these mandates is horrifying. If bars chose not to close, or not to obey social distancing guidelines, they risked losing their business licenses, liquor licenses, etc. If bars chose to ignore that patrons weren’t social distancing, they could (and have been in many states) be fined, or lose their licenses. The state turned every business in the United States under these barbaric lockdown orders into government police forces. Your bartender is now your police officer. Your waitress is now your cop. Your barber is now telling you that you must obey the state, whatever the state says.

There is an actual, literal word for when the state and business become so intertwined that the lines cease to exist. There is a word for when businesses are so at risk of closure and seizure by the state apparatus that they enforce the decrees of the state. The actual word that describes those circumstances is “fascism.”

Everything part of the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

Benito Mussolini, the creator of Fascism, describing it

When “private” businesses are policing the citizens, they are part of the state. I don’t mean “fascism” in the sense of “everything I don’t like is fascism.” This is actual, literal fascism. It has turned every worker at every business in the State of New Hampshire, and especially in the City of Keene, into a police officer looking for violations of the state’s decrees.

This is not okay, and it’s not a precedent that we can allow to stand.

Lastly, I want people to remember that the state will ultimately enforce every law by killing those who violate that law. Just ask Eric Garner.