A Day of Awesome Interviews

It has barely stopped since the news went international Sunday night, and there’s probably another week of this before it really starts to die off. Then again, there will be a major campaign announcement within the next few days that may catapult us right back into the headlines. Because of it, I did something completely and totally unexpected for something as small as a county sheriff race: I brought on Ian Freeman of Free Keene as my campaign manager. He immediately brought to the table a degree of coordination and organization that I was lacking, but I don’t think it’s

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A Time of Self-Reflection

There are rumors that I do not intend to campaign against Eli Rivera. These rumors are not true, and I will be campaigning to win in November. Hate mail is really coming in now, although most of it is just passive aggressive nonsense that says what it means to say without explicitly saying it. C’est la vie. I’m used to receptions that aren’t exactly warm. In fact, I’m used to quite a bit worse. Let’s face it: I do a nationally-syndicated radio show that streams to the Internet, where I have my own Youtube channel, and where I do my

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