#FreeCantwell and Recent Interviews

First of all, I took part in a number of awesome interviews today. First was a discussion with The Necrosexual, which you can watch below. We talked about the reasons I am running for Sheriff, and we discussed music. It was great, and I enjoyed it.

I want to say thank you to him for the awesome discussion. If you’re drunk or stoned, that’s a discussion worth watching. We also both agree that, after “Comfortably Numb” the narrative of The Wall completely falls apart. So that’s neat, even though I think “The Trial” is one of the most brilliant pieces ever written.

Immediately after that, there was an audio-only interview (I’m noticing a trend where audio-only shows take much longer to get me a link than video shows). I can’t link it yet, because I don’t have a link.  After that, there was a video discussion with Ryan Glover, and I loved everything about it:

Then there was interview with my friend Sophia Botha, a trans-rights activist in the UK, and you can watch that here:

It was a rather lengthy discussion about the reaction of LGBTQ+ people to my successful nomination, and, I think, one definitely worth watching. The best thing, I think, about all these videos is that they’re all distinct, different, and they discuss different things. In one, we talk music and the way that it has shaped me. In the next, we talk raw libertarianism. In the next, we talk about LGBTQ things.

Also, shout out to the Boston Globe, whose link I had previously failed to provide (because they’re the freaking Boston Globe–what can I contribute to their viewership that they don’t already have). There was also Snopes, and, I must say, every media outlet that has yet reached out to me has done a phenomenal job of relaying my positions, and not misrepresenting me.

If I’ve missed anyone, please email me so that I can make sure to include you in the next media roundup.

Now, to get into the main point of this…

In five hours, I am waking up so that I can go to Concord, New Hampshire, to be present on the first day of the trial of Christopher Cantwell, aka “the Crying Nazi,” who is a political prisoner being held because he said the same juvenile, meaningless crap that people say while playing Call of Duty on Xbox. I’ve been playing games online for a very long time; I fully appreciate how vitriolic people can be.

Yet, I also get why this perplexes some people.

It should go without saying–from any of the above videos–that I oppose fascism, and that I oppose Nazis. It has been alleged that I’m sympathetic to Nazis, which is absurd. Let’s not forget that I was the one who made Chris Cantwell storm out of the studio like a baby because I refused to give in, and because I instead stood by my principles.

So I’m obviously not a friend of Nazis. I “gave him a platform” only insofar as I knew that I would come out victorious. And, I have to say, if your opponent storms out of the room after saying some extremely fucked up things, and you remain, then you unequivocally won. I gave him a platform so that I could make him look like an absurd, ridiculous crybaby.

Mission accomplished.

But Christopher Cantwell doesn’t belong in prison. Federal judges have repeatedly denied him bail, despite the fact that he isn’t a flight risk, and despite the fact that he isn’t a threat to anyone. He said some things on the chat app Telegram that were identical to what you’d hear someone say in any online game. And, for that, he faces decades in prison. This is not okay.

I do not support what he says. I do not condone what he says, but I will defend to the death his right to say it.

Christopher Cantwell would not have been arrested under Sheriff DiMezzo. The FBI would have been told to get the hell out, because there is no crime here. There is no victim here. Abhorrent though his views are, Christopher Cantwell has never harmed anyone (North Caroline aside, which is unrelated to this and not a matter that I can weigh in on), and has never brought harm to anyone (see previous parenthetical statement). He is a political prisoner. He said things the state doesn’t like, and therefore he’s in prison.

Hey, he said some things I don’t like. Therefore, I made him look ridiculous. I didn’t kidnap him. I didn’t hold him against his will. I didn’t violate his rights. I mocked him and laughed at him. This is the way his type should be handled.

They should not be made into political prisoners.

Free Cantwell.