Dead Girls Talking, The Vanguard, and Toward Anarchy

It was, as expected, another busy day–and a productive one.

To be released at some point today, there is a podcast/video show that I did with Dead Girls Talking, but the link to that will probably go up tomorrow, since I don’t have it yet. I’ve asked, but there were a lot of internet issues. Since I’m used to doing talk radio where you don’t get a moment to put out dead air, I handled these by just talking about whatever. I enjoyed the show, and they asked interesting questions; I very much look forward to releasing it here.

Immediately after that, I was on The Vanguard. who you can find on Twitter, for a brief 20 minute show that you can watch here:

And then, as usual for Wednesdays, I was on Free Talk Live with Ian Freeman, who, in addition to being a founder of Free Talk Live, manages the site known as Free Keene, which was the very first outlet to break the story of my “win” of the primary.

After Free Talk Live ended, I returned home to do an interview with Toward Anarchy, and had a great conversation. I have to admit, the last 5 days of constant “Go! Go! Go!” have taken their toll on me, but I don’t think I was ever subpar in any of these interviews. But I’m noticeably and visibly tired. It’s 1:30 in the morning, and my first interview of today was nearly twelve hours ago.

Here is the link to my conversation with Toward Anarchy. I’m not sure why it’s a video, but okay 😀

Believe it or not, I have not yet grown tired of talking, and, for that reason, I’ve decided that I’m choosing an Official Campaign Song.

I’ve been silent for far too long.

We’ve been silent for far too long.

It’s time to start speaking.