Dead Girls Talking, The Vanguard, and Toward Anarchy

It was, as expected, another busy day–and a productive one. To be released at some point today, there is a podcast/video show that I did with Dead Girls Talking, but the link to that will probably go up tomorrow, since I don’t have it yet. I’ve asked, but there were a lot of internet issues. Since I’m used to doing talk radio where you don’t get a moment to put out dead air, I handled these by just talking about whatever. I enjoyed the show, and they asked interesting questions; I very much look forward to releasing it here. Immediately after that, I

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A Time of Self-Reflection

There are rumors that I do not intend to campaign against Eli Rivera. These rumors are not true, and I will be campaigning to win in November. Hate mail is really coming in now, although most of it is just passive aggressive nonsense that says what it means to say without explicitly saying it. C’est la vie. I’m used to receptions that aren’t exactly warm. In fact, I’m used to quite a bit worse. Let’s face it: I do a nationally-syndicated radio show that streams to the Internet, where I have my own Youtube channel, and where I do my

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