Commit Heresy With Me

The state religion is powerful, isn’t it?

Powerful enough that Our Moment PAC, which describes itself as being “committed to
getting BIPOC and LGBTQ+ candidates into elected office” actually endorsed Democratic candidate Eli Rivera over me, the actual, literal LGBTQ+ candidate in the race. Although I have reached out to the PAC–as have at least two others–to find out why, there has been no response from them. However, we already know why, don’t we?

They, like everyone else, don’t do their research. I hope the people who support Our Moment PAC understand that the PAC just declined to endorse a trans candidate in favor of a straight cis man. I would speculate that not many people simply use Our Moment PAC as a “guide to the candidates,” but those who do were just severely misinformed.

I want to be clear, though, that I don’t think Our Moment PAC made the conscious and deliberate decision to endorse Rivera over me. If they had, they would have responded with their reasons. Instead, they just endorsed the Democratic candidate, assuming blindly and ignorantly that the Democratic candidate was more in-line with their mission than the Republican one.

This ignorance exists in every direction. When I was nominated as the Republican candidate for Cheshire County Sheriff, my response was a bit more scathing and vicious than I intended. Yet here we have a PAC who is pretending to be LGBTQ+ friendly, and what are they doing? They are just blindly picking Democrats in races, without any research whatsoever.

To be honest, I don’t want their endorsement. Not if they would so ignorantly give their endorsement to a straight cis man, when the straight cis male Democrat’s candidate is literally a trans woman. I don’t want their support. What I want is for you to be aware that most of the PACs and organizations you are trusting to provide you with information about candidates are not doing so. They are taking the same, insane bipartisanship lines that led me to be the sheriff candidate in the first place.

It’s not about what you stand for. It’s about what letter is next to your name.

It’s not about how well you play. It’s about what team you play for.

One of the greatest heresies in the state religion is to betray the Democrats by voting for a Republican, or to betray the Republicans by voting for a Democrat. It’s written into the bylaws of Republican and Democratic parties that, if leaders in these parties support a candidate from another party, they cannot speak of it. Why? Because tribalism, that’s why. Because the New England Patriots, that’s why. Because we like Team Red more than we like Team Blue.

Humans are tribal creatures. We want to be liked. We want to get along with people. We want others to support us and accept us, but that support and acceptance clearly doesn’t come to us because we are individuals, does it? No, the support of fellow progressives is contingent upon the fact that you do not vote for a Republican, and the support of fellow conservatives is contingent upon the fact that you do not vote for a Democrat. These people do not accept you. To them, you are a pawn on the chessboard, to be moved at their whim. When you are no longer useful, they will discard you in the hopes of capturing a piece.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. — Friedrich Nietzsche

When I began my foray into content creation, one of the most popular videos I did was a criticism of the Liberal Redneck. In his video, he criticized the woman and her kids who marched through a Target screaming about the Bible in response to Target’s transgender bathroom policy. In this video, he also accused the woman and her kids of being racist, although there was absolutely no reason to believe that was the case. This was my criticism.

In droves, people came out to attack me. These are not direct quotes, but these are the sorts of comments I received en masse on my video:

He’s speaking up FOR YOU! Why are you criticizing him?

How dare you? He’s trying to help you!

It remains the only content I’ve ever pulled down because I wasn’t able to deal with the constant influx of negativity. I tried explaining to people that was speaking for me, and that I did not need the Liberal Redneck to speak for me. I firmly stand against assuming people are racist just because they are of a certain race. I don’t know why I’d ever have to argue that position.

It taught me something invaluable, though… In the religion of the state, I had committed heresy. How could I, as a trans person, argue with a progressive Democrat? How dare I speak up on behalf of my trans self when this straight, cis, white man was speaking for me? My rebuttals fell on deaf ears. It didn’t matter what I, a literal trans person, had to say, because a straight, cis white male was speaking “for me,” and what he had to say in response to blatant transphobia was far more important than anything an actual trans person would have to say.

It was because I didn’t toe the line. I dared to think for myself. I dared to call something right when it was right, and wrong when it was wrong, despite who was a liberal and who was a conservative. If you want to criticize that woman for being transphobic, I won’t stand in your way. But if, in your tirade, you extend that to baseless allegations of racism, I will point out that the allegation is baseless, and that it is, in fact, stereotyping on your part to make that assumption.

In the religion of the state, the ultimate heresy is thinking independently. I urge you to avoid anyone and everyone who does not want you to think for yourself. When Democrats tell you “Vote blue, no matter who,” I want you to understand that they are blatantly telling you not to think. They are blatantly telling you not to research candidates. “Just trust us,” they promise. “We’ll make sure no one bad gets in.”

I trusted you assholes when you presented me with the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Barack Obama, who went on to start several new wars, and is the only Nobel Peace Prize winner in history to drop bombs on weddings and a Doctors Without Borders hospital. If you idiots think I’m going to ever trust you again, you have another thing coming, because you lie.

You are a den of thieves and vipers.

I will never trust them. My nomination as the Republican Sheriff of Cheshire County, with Eli Rivera being endorsed over an actual trans person, equally serves as evidence that you should not trust them, either. They are lying to you. They are playing you to get your votes. But the only thing they care about is that you join their team. I don’t want you to join a team.

I want you to be free to be you. Think for yourself. Question authority.

Throughout human history, as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are, or where we are going in this ocean of chaos, it has been the authorities — the political, the religious, the educational authorities — who attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rules, regulations, informing — forming in our minds — their view of reality. To think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable open-mindedness, chaotic, confused vulnerability to inform yourself. — Timothy Leary

Maybe they don’t know what they’re talking about. Maybe they don’t know what they’re doing. They’re just trying to convince you to trust them so that they can continue blundering around.

Stop granting them that license. Stop following with the demands of teams and groups, and start thinking. This world can be anything you want it to be, but you must stop trusting people when they say they only want what’s best for you, … as long as you want what’s best for them.

Contagion, I Exhale You

I want to be angry.

On Friday night, dozens to hundreds of my campaign signs vanished from around Cheshire County. The full scale of losses is still unknown, but I estimate that the theft cost me between $1000 and $1500 in signs. With Wells Fargo having closed my account (for reasons that have to do with Bitcoin, and not my campaign) and holding a substantial amount of money for another expected 30~ days, it’s difficult for me to reorder more. It’s not impossible, but difficult. So if you want to contribute to the campaign, the best place to do so is via this GoFundMe set up by my campaign adviser and friend, Ian Freeman. You can also donate cryptocurrency; QR codes for Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Monero (XMR) are available on my donations page. Sadly, the Cash App account listed there has been closed, with no word from Cash App on why that is, though I have reached out to them. I’d not even had time to use the account, to be honest.

They probably banned me for life. That’s what PayPal and Google Pay did. The war against an independent, autonomous currency that is free of the state is very real.

So there are many things I should be frustrated at, if you ask the average person, but I’m not frustrated. I’m also not done describing recent events. Highway signs were not the only things stolen Saturday night; at least two signs were stolen off private property, and one of those involved damage to the property. The worst part? My sign was stolen from my friend’s apartment window, and replaced with an Eli Rivera sign.


In 2020, though, this is not really evidence that Rivera supporters were behind the theft of my signs throughout Cheshire County, or even that they were responsible for this one. Hell, it could have been one of my supporters who did this, as a false flag against Rivera–they’d never tell me if so, because I 100% stand against that sort of thing. It could also have been a Nelson supporter trying to tarnish Rivera’s reputation. Or it was a Rivera supporter who was just an idiot. It’s impossible for me to know, and there’s no video of it.

The Reformed Satanic Church offered to pay for the damages, because this happened because of their High Priestess. I provided this friend with a replacement sign, and it has already gone missing. It is unclear at this time if the apartment management took it down, or another thief. Management had their maintenance team repair the damage, so the Reformed Satanic Church didn’t have to.

It would be incredibly stupid for a Rivera supporter to steal one of my signs, causing damage in the process, and replace it with a sign that was pro-Rivera. I have a pretty good grasp on how stupid humans can be (hence why I’m an anarchist), but, as with the vandalism to my car, my greatest fear is that this was done without my knowledge by someone who actually supports me. Even under the best of circumstances, it is hard to trust people, but the proliferation of false-flag attacks in recent years has not made it any easier for anyone to trust the “obvious motive” when something happens.

Keene PD contacted me Saturday night, via email. That was strange, since they know where I work and live, and I’m fairly sure they could have come by either location or just given me a call. I prefer the email, though–a text record of the conversation is best for everyone. They don’t trust me any more than I trust them (even though I believe them to be largely good people, and they’d probably say the same of me), and that’s a good place to be. A woman called them Friday night and reported that a grey Chevy pickup truck was taking my signs from around West Street in Keene. This is the night so many of my signs went missing, and Keene PD wanted to know if I wished to pursue the matter or file a complaint. There seems little doubt that the woman provided the license plate of the thief.

I declined.

However, I think personal property is a real thing, and these signs are absolutely my property. No one else paid for them. I’ve long pointed out in my campaign that my deputies and I would respond to crimes where there are actual victims, and theft of property unequivocally entails a victim. I would have no moral objection to pursuing this matter with the police. It just isn’t how I prefer to do things. So I ordered a few GPS tracking devices and SIM cards, and hid them on a few signs. The thief does this at night, and is therefore unlikely to notice the tracking devices. I will find them out, and I will send them an invoice for the lost signs. That is my current plan.

If, for whatever reason, this does not work, I will involve the police. I’m not okay with theft. Nothing on my website or in any of my interviews has suggested that I’m okay with theft. Stealing physical property is not a victimless crime, so, to this sign thief, I implore you: stop while I’m feeling generous.

In positive news, my strategy of publicly blasting the people stealing the “Fuck ’em Both 20” sign out of my yard has proven effective–the sign has not been stolen in more than 8 days. That’s a weird thing to be happy about, but I was able to stop it without involving the police, so that’s terrific. It isn’t worth it to me to involve the police over $100~ in stolen signs. Once we get into the range of $1000+, however, my mood starts to change. Note to the highway sign thief: I may stop feeling generous at any moment. You aren’t off the hook yet. Your freedom right now relies on my ability to stay centered and exhale the contagion that is the desire for vengeance.

Right now, you are safe. But do not push me.

You’d better be out there right now arguing to anyone and everyone not to steal my signs off the highway or otherwise deface them, because if one single additional sign goes missing, I will press charges. It’s unfortunate that you may end up being charged because of the actions of other people, but I have no way of knowing you didn’t continue with your thievery. You can absolve yourself of this by contacting me and bringing me my stolen signs; at that point, I will know that you did not steal more. If they have been destroyed, you may pay me for the damages, and I will know that you did not steal more. Otherwise, my friend, I can only say you need to be arguing out there against sign-stealing. Because I will drop that Sword of Damocles on you if you do not make this right before another sign goes missing.

But for now, I do nothing, because I believe in peace and forgiveness. Forgiveness is never easy. I forgive you for Friday night. The issue is that I won’t forgive someone for repeated offenses; at a certain point, forgiveness is nihilistic. If it happens again, and I’ve been provided no reason to believe it wasn’t you who repeated the theft, I will have no choice but to pursue charges. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that I let you walk over me forever; it means only that I acknowledge that you acted once in bad faith, and that I will not hold it against you. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice…

Don’t hurt people, and don’t take their stuff.

That is the rule I live by. You broke that rule. If there is to be any semblance of love, fairness, and justice in our world, I think that the above rule is a good way to get there. I advocate forgiveness of offenses, and I will turn the other cheek–once. Once, when it’s my property. It’s not my call whether someone else wants to turn their cheek and overlook a legitimate crime against their person or property; that’s their call to make. Personally, I’ll turn the other cheek. However…

I only have two cheeks. If you strike them both, expect to be hit back.


A Challenger Appears

When I woke Monday morning, with a slate of interviews ahead of me, I found that I had a lot of messages. That has been going on for a few weeks, but these were actual personal messages, from friends and colleagues. They wanted to know, at 8:00 in the morning, if I’d seen the signs about writing in Earl Nelson.

Although I have compelling reason to believe that the NHGOP and Cheshire County Republican Committee have conspired with Earl Nelson to do this (probably in violation of their bylaws, but I can’t be bothered to check), it’s only interesting to me for a few reasons. Most notably, it’s a real-life example of elites within a party conspiring against a candidate they don’t like. This is not the only example of this we’ve seen–the DNC did it to Sanders in 2016, after all.

As I’d last looked, the author of this article had inadvertently misquoted me–my statement, about wanting to know what “their” issue with me is, was directed at the Cheshire County Republican Committee. I suspect we’re going to find that most Republican voters don’t actually have any issue with me. I’m pro-gun, anti-big government, and anti-taxes. I check off all the Republican Platform’s boxes; I just go a little further than the average Republican, and I suspect the voters will care far more about my policies than my personal life. Time will tell. Anyway, I’m locked out of the site due to a paywall, but I wanted to make that clarification before proceeding. I have to say, however, that I love how the race is being framed as Nelson versus me. Incumbent Democrat Eli Rivera was mentioned only once.

There’s a lot to recap, so bear with me as I try to do things in order.

Monday, I woke up and discovered one of my signs cut and smashed into my mailbox. This was prior to the installation of yet another security camera.

I detest the grammar but love the sentiment.

I’d already replaced the sign a few times. It’s important to keep in mind that no neighbor or passerby has stopped to ask me to take it down. If asked, I would take it down. Instead, they’ve jumped straight to vandalizing my property, trespassing, and stealing. Today, it happened again, this time on video:

There are a few important notes here. Yes, there’s free stuff on the curb; I didn’t put it there. The signs are clearly staked in the ground, and not meant to be taken.

They passed my house first, turned around, and came back. As traffic continued, they pretended to be interested in whatever the hell is out there. Then, once everything was clear, they took the sign and left. Maybe they wanted it for themselves. I doubt it, based on the history I have with the sign, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

If you know these guys, tell them they owe me $15. Because I ordered them from someone else, and didn’t design them myself, they were expensive per unit. If they’ll return the sign or pay me for it, I’ll take the video of their theft down. As usual, no, I am not involving the police over a $15 sign.

So anyway, one of my main supporters suggested I was being as standoffish with the Cheshire County Republican Committee as they were with me, so I reached out to them cordially.

As I expected, there has been no response. I initially planned to give them until Monday before I talked about it, but let’s not pretend like they didn’t notice an email from their most notorious candidate. They saw it, and they declined to respond.

That was expected, though.

None of this had to be this way. When I first went to a CCRC meeting, they were all very friendly and curious about me. They formed the Keene Republican Committee (since there were finally Republicans in Keene), and put my campaign manager, Ian Freeman, as chair. I ran for secretary. It was at this time that their true colors appeared.

On the day of the vote, there were twice the number of people attending as usual. Many of them made it clear that they were only there to vote on officers for the Keene Republican Committee, and one person even asked to speed things along because he had other things to do. Behind the scenes, the CCRC had reached out to everyone and asked them to show up, specifically to vote against me.

That was the last time I bothered to go to a CCRC meeting. Marilyn Huston suggests I have never been to one; that is a blatant lie. I went until they made it clear that they didn’t mind me, as long as I quietly voted Republican and didn’t draw any attention.

I decided earlier this year to run for State Representative for my ward in Keene. To no surprise, Marilyn Huston chose also to run for the same position. Knowing that I would lose handily to Marilyn in a primary (she seems to control the party), I opted instead to file for sheriff (which I’m more qualified for, anyway, as someone well-trained in self-defense and de-escalation) again.

Based on her support for Earl Nelson’s write-in campaign, I have no doubt she caused the turnout on the day of the officers vote.

Marilyn, honey. All of this is of your creation. You caused every bit of this. Every action you’ve taken against me has backfired on you spectacularly, and you still won’t just sit down and talk to me. I’d be an inconsequential candidate for State Rep if you’d have just left me alone. Now look. Behold your works.

The worst part of all of this–and I mean it, the absolute worst part–is the ghastly design of Earl Nelson’s signs.

Earl, please reach out to me. I will gladly pay the cost of a graphic designer if it means Cheshire County won’t be blanketed in these grotesque abominations. This offends me as an artist. I don’t care that it would mean helping you; these slapped-together eyesores have made Cheshire County uglier, and I am not okay with that. You can email me at or, whichever domain you find less distasteful. I’ll even go out with you and help you replace these hideous ones with nice ones.

Cheshire County did nothing to deserve this unaesthetic imagery covering it.

There have been a ton of interviews since my last media round-up, but I’ve honestly lost track. Regardless of the election results, I brought the ideas of liberty to people who had otherwise never heard it, including freaking metal magazines, so everything about this has been successful.

But what will the election results be? Earl and Marilyn, I almost think I should send you each a fruit basket. The initial inclination of the diehard “conservative” types was to vote for Rivera. I want to thank you for taking votes away from Rivera and directing them instead for a write-in candidate for whom “long shot” doesn’t even begin to characterize his chances. Write-in campaigns are never really effective, but you’ll pull some votes from Rivera (since I’m in the strange position of being both to the left of Rivera and to the right of Nelson), which is good for me.

There’s been no word from Rivera. I’m not surprised. Anything he says will make it clear that I’m to the left of him, and that will hurt him with Democrats. There is probably a significant number of Democrats who intend to vote for me. Has Nelson ever been written-in to Democrat primary ballots? Because I have.

The Cheshire County Republican Committee seems hellbent on sabotaging the first candidate they’ve had in decades who actually was able to reach across the aisle. To the voters of Cheshire County who are pro-gun, pro-small government, and anti-taxes, I ask: Do you agree? Is a Democrat better than a Republican who has yet to be given any clear instance where she is actually against the Republican platform? Because the CCRC seems to think a Democrat is better.

I suspect I will pull a lot of Democrat votes. I suspect I’ll pull a fair number of straight-ticket Republican votes. The real wild card is whether Republican voters en masse actually agree with me, and… I suspect they do. Will Earl Nelson say he supports Cliven Bundy? Because I support Cliven Bundy. Will Eli Rivera say he supports disarming the police? Because I support disarming the police.

I look forward to seeing what the voters of Cheshire County have to say. Where do they stand? Do they stand with freedom, or with backroom deals to maintain the status quo?


Republicans, Why Are You So Angry?

As rumors continue to reach me from various sources about a potential write-in campaign endorsed by the Cheshire County Republican Committee, I have to admit that my confusion only increases. I thought the GOP was the party of low taxes, small government, limited federal government, and the second amendment?

You won’t find a candidate stronger in these positions than I am.

You want low taxes? I want you to stop paying taxes. Use Monero or (at worst) Bitcoin. Don’t you want to be the one who chooses what you pay for? Don’t you want to stop funding Planned Parenthood? Then stop paying taxes. Opt out with Bitcoin. If you still want to pay some taxes, then you can still do that. Better yet, you can just choose to donate to organizations you support. I’m not seeing what the issue is here. I support low taxes–it’s hard to get lower than “no taxes.”

You don’t want to pay for other people’s stuff. I totally agree. You should have that choice. Unfortunately, with the current system, you don’t have that choice. Take that choice back. The government has failed you (as it was always destined to). Take power back into your own hands with cryptocurrency, most notably Monero.

So You’re Pro 2A?

I strongly advocate open carry and concealed carry. Defend yourself. Don’t trust other people to defend you. The only good government is a government that is scared of its citizens. With your “come and take it” sticker, who do you think would be the ones coming to take your guns?

I oppose any and all infringements on your right to defend yourself. Have whatever armaments you want. Not only is it your right, but it’s critical for the function of our republic for the government to be afraid of us. It should constantly be worried we will withdraw our consent. After all, it, like all governments, requires our consent, passive or explicit, to continue whatever it’s doing. If it isn’t afraid of what happens when you don’t consent, then you have no power over it.

Keep your guns. Buy more guns. Buy better guns. Make the government afraid of you. Your neighbors should not fear you, but the government should.

And of small government?

I’m an anarchist. I believe a society built on voluntary interactions would better serve humanity than this one of violence and coercion. It’s hard to get more in favor of “small government” than “no government.”

None of this is within the purview of a sheriff, though. When it comes to the federal government, all I can do as Sheriff is keep the Feds out of Cheshire County. I can’t make the federal government any smaller. I can’t do anything about its massive budget. I can only advise you to use Monero, or other privacy coins like Zcash or Hush, so that you aren’t paying for this nonsense.

All of these things align perfectly with what you believe the Republican Party represents, don’t they?

Now ask yourself which of my policies, exactly, aren’t in line with what the Republicans profess to believe. I think you’ll find the party itself is lying to you. The party itself is using you to further its own ends. They don’t care about you. They care about your vote, and they will lie to you limitlessly to get it.

I want you to be free.

There’s nothing “small” about a government that spends trillions of dollars on war. And I want to believe in American exceptionalism as much as you do; I just don’t want to be exceptional at murdering people around the world. I want America to be exceptional for being a place of openness, tolerance, love, and “leave me the hell alone.”

Praytell, NHGOP and Republican Committee of Cheshire County, what have I said that is ACTUALLY against your platform?

Be specific. Stop hiding behind curtains, you cowards. You want to talk? You know how to reach me.

But you won’t talk. You’re hiding in the shadows. Why won’t you face me? Is it, by chance, that I’ll reveal you as hypocrites, and show the entire world that you are exploiting people’s belief in you to further your own agendas?

Any time you want to arrange a discussion, I’m here, official Republicans. Stop lying to these good people about what you really are, you spineless serpents.

I think the GOP is so angry because I dare to actually represent what it’s always claimed to represent. I don’t think people who believe in gun rights, freedom, small government, and low taxes are angry with me. I suspect they support me. So my question is: Why doesn’t the professed party of gun rights, freedom, small government, and low taxes support me?

My friends, the party is lying to you.

Media & Hate Mail Roundup

First things first, huge shout out to Metal Injection, who not only put me in touch with the rock band Trivium, which ultimately led to some of their members endorsing me, but who also interviewed me last night:

METAL INJECTION LIVECAST #586 – Joey Belladonna's Hair with special guest Aria DiMezzo

It was an awesome discussion, and I’m humbled to see how much of the metal world is standing with me.

I also did a show with Toward Anarchy, late one night last week. It was a recorded phone call, so the audio quality isn’t the best that you’re ever going to hear, but it is listenable. Except to Ian. Ian should avoid it.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff! The hate mail!

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter (which you should, as Twitter hasn’t yet banned me), you’re not going to see much from me on Facebook in the next 30 days. For years, a friend has been an admin on my page so that the page didn’t disappear when I irregularly deactivate my account, and the only post about this that will appear on Facebook are those that he and others make, as Facebook has seen fit to ban me for 30 days.

So this morning I woke up and found some lulz-worthy hate mail and a death threat. A lot of people would report the death threat to Facebook (or, even worse, the police), but that isn’t how I do things. So I screenshotted and started dragging him on Facebook.

Click to enlarge. Also, classy touch, blocking me. #Triggered much? Snowflake.

My comments on the screenshot ultimately led to my ban, as I said, “Dear Jesus, please exorcise the Cracka trans bitch liberal from me. Amen.” in a comment, and Facebook doesn’t seem to have liked that. In fact, I’m coordinating a video with a few friends, where one pretends to be a TV evangelical-style pastor who is fervently trying to exorcise from me a demon that goes by the name of “Cracka Trans Bitch Liberal.” I’ll post it as soon as we’re done. It should be great.

Anyway, Facebook didn’t care for that–or for any of my other comments–and they banned me for 30 days for creatively (as you would expect me to do, hopefully) responding to this death threat. I can’t say I’m surprised; this is Facebook doing what Facebook does. They ban people. The timing isn’t great, as I find it easier to interact with people on Facebook than on Twitter, but whatever. It’s their platform, and they can make it as stupid as they want.

I’m also tempted to get new campaign signs that say “Whore of Babylon” on them, but first I want to do the video.

Bruh, What?

Click to enlarge.

This one came earlier than the rest, basically the night that the news went viral. It’s the most confusing mess that I’ve ever read, so let’s dissect it together.

“Are you available to chat?” is always a good way to start a conversation, but I have to admit I’m getting mixed signals, since the very next thing he said: “Bro fuck off.”

Well, which is it? Do you want to chat, or do you want me to fuck off? Also, you contacted me. I can’t fuck off from a conversation I haven’t even taken part in. I hadn’t even fucked on. Couldn’t he wait until I’d fucked on to tell me to fuck off? At this point, he was just talking to yourself, and appearing schizophrenic. Maybe just… not?

Next is a… um… Hm. I don’t know what that is. Can anyone enlighten me?

Lucifer has not chosen you i promise you weren’t birthed by him. I talked to belphegor and asmodeus and they said that you were a liar.

At least it wasn’t until his fourth message that he went completely bat-shit crazy. I’m really glad I laboriously endeavored to carry on, through the first three bits of “wtf is this” to get to this gem. I don’t want to be transphobic or anything, but Lucifer, like other angels, is genderless, not a him. Does Lucifer reproduce asexually? Is it binary fission?

Also, and most importantly, Lucifer doesn’t exist, dude. Neither do any of the other angels or demons whose birthing abilities I’ve found myself writing about today.

I Don’t Need Advice From Someone With a Pedo-stache

I don’t know, man, stranger things have happened. For example, you managed to find a woman who was willing to at least pose in a picture with you, letting the entire world know that she either has awful taste in men or is willing to pose in photos for money so that you don’t look quite as much like someone just coming back from fucking a pig to kiss your cousin goodnight.

But, sir, you are a beacon of hope, that surely anyone–no matter how hateful, vile, and creepy they are–can, at the very least, probably earn enough money to hire a prostitute. And, good news! Under Sheriff Aria DiMezzo, that would be totally acceptable. I want to thank you for giving hope to the ugly and stupid that they might some day be able to pay a woman to pose in a photo with them.

Thank you for your service.

I’m Gonna Be Honest: I Didn’t Really Read This One

Click for full image.

generally try to respond to actual questions and commentary from people who are curious about my platform, rather than linking them to one of the interviews wherein I discuss the platform at length, so, most of the time, when someone messages me, I set aside time in the near-future to address their concerns.

However, I try to avoid making serious policy questions to someone who opens their monologue at me with “You know you are a man and not a woman” before they launch into a Faulkner-style sentence that only a mad person would take the time to even attempt to process. My second act as Sheriff might have to be the search for this guy’s missing punctuation.

Thanks for the Bible

Not hate mail at all, but worth mentioning: someone actually purchased and sent me a Bible. I’m actually concerned by how many of my friends joked about using it for rolling papers or just burning it. Why would I do that? This is a gesture of kindness. In my view, it’s misguided, but someone cared enough to do this, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.

I did a quick search through it, though, and have to admit that I didn’t find anything about Jesus exorcising a “Cracka trans liberal bitch,” sadly. There was just a lot of him telling people to love each other and be kind to each other. Maybe Tord has a translation that is closer to the original texts? Can someone send Tord a Bible? I think he needs it more than I do.

Also, what the hell kind of name is “Tord?”

#FreeCantwell and Recent Interviews

First of all, I took part in a number of awesome interviews today. First was a discussion with The Necrosexual, which you can watch below. We talked about the reasons I am running for Sheriff, and we discussed music. It was great, and I enjoyed it.

I want to say thank you to him for the awesome discussion. If you’re drunk or stoned, that’s a discussion worth watching. We also both agree that, after “Comfortably Numb” the narrative of The Wall completely falls apart. So that’s neat, even though I think “The Trial” is one of the most brilliant pieces ever written.

Immediately after that, there was an audio-only interview (I’m noticing a trend where audio-only shows take much longer to get me a link than video shows). I can’t link it yet, because I don’t have a link.  After that, there was a video discussion with Ryan Glover, and I loved everything about it:

Then there was interview with my friend Sophia Botha, a trans-rights activist in the UK, and you can watch that here:

It was a rather lengthy discussion about the reaction of LGBTQ+ people to my successful nomination, and, I think, one definitely worth watching. The best thing, I think, about all these videos is that they’re all distinct, different, and they discuss different things. In one, we talk music and the way that it has shaped me. In the next, we talk raw libertarianism. In the next, we talk about LGBTQ things.

Also, shout out to the Boston Globe, whose link I had previously failed to provide (because they’re the freaking Boston Globe–what can I contribute to their viewership that they don’t already have). There was also Snopes, and, I must say, every media outlet that has yet reached out to me has done a phenomenal job of relaying my positions, and not misrepresenting me.

If I’ve missed anyone, please email me so that I can make sure to include you in the next media roundup.

Now, to get into the main point of this…

In five hours, I am waking up so that I can go to Concord, New Hampshire, to be present on the first day of the trial of Christopher Cantwell, aka “the Crying Nazi,” who is a political prisoner being held because he said the same juvenile, meaningless crap that people say while playing Call of Duty on Xbox. I’ve been playing games online for a very long time; I fully appreciate how vitriolic people can be.

Yet, I also get why this perplexes some people.

It should go without saying–from any of the above videos–that I oppose fascism, and that I oppose Nazis. It has been alleged that I’m sympathetic to Nazis, which is absurd. Let’s not forget that I was the one who made Chris Cantwell storm out of the studio like a baby because I refused to give in, and because I instead stood by my principles.

So I’m obviously not a friend of Nazis. I “gave him a platform” only insofar as I knew that I would come out victorious. And, I have to say, if your opponent storms out of the room after saying some extremely fucked up things, and you remain, then you unequivocally won. I gave him a platform so that I could make him look like an absurd, ridiculous crybaby.

Mission accomplished.

But Christopher Cantwell doesn’t belong in prison. Federal judges have repeatedly denied him bail, despite the fact that he isn’t a flight risk, and despite the fact that he isn’t a threat to anyone. He said some things on the chat app Telegram that were identical to what you’d hear someone say in any online game. And, for that, he faces decades in prison. This is not okay.

I do not support what he says. I do not condone what he says, but I will defend to the death his right to say it.

Christopher Cantwell would not have been arrested under Sheriff DiMezzo. The FBI would have been told to get the hell out, because there is no crime here. There is no victim here. Abhorrent though his views are, Christopher Cantwell has never harmed anyone (North Caroline aside, which is unrelated to this and not a matter that I can weigh in on), and has never brought harm to anyone (see previous parenthetical statement). He is a political prisoner. He said things the state doesn’t like, and therefore he’s in prison.

Hey, he said some things I don’t like. Therefore, I made him look ridiculous. I didn’t kidnap him. I didn’t hold him against his will. I didn’t violate his rights. I mocked him and laughed at him. This is the way his type should be handled.

They should not be made into political prisoners.

Free Cantwell.

Yes, I’m Suing Keene and Governor Sununu

First of all, don’t ask me about legal things, because I don’t have the answer. I don’t know the legal standing that I have to sue the City of Keene or His Excellency Governor Sununu. I pay someone to answer those questions–an attorney. The attorney has assessed that I have standing, so…

I have joined Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live and Malaise Lindenfield in suing the City of Keene over its mask mandate, and suing Governor Sununu. This seems to be coming as a surprise to the people who discovered me due to the international reaction to my nomination as the GOP Sheriff Candidate in Cheshire County. However, I’m having a very difficult time figuring out why anyone is surprised by an anarchist… doing anarchist things. They’re surprised I’m pushing back against a power grab by the state? It surprises someone that an anarchist opposes any and all mandates from the state?

I’m confused that this confuses anyone.

Not only that, but five months ago in April I was writing with the Reformed Satanic Church about the dangers I foresaw in widespread mask-wearing. Sadly, the dangers I foresaw then have only become exacerbated, with increasing social divides between human beings at a time when we can afford no more division. For me, it has never been about whether masks work or not to inhibit the spread of Covid-19, and I have always been clear on that. Scientifically, yes, masks will help reduce the chance of someone who has Covid-19 from spreading Covid-19. That’s solid.

However, the assumption that everyone around you is a plague-carrying rat that you must be protected from… I have always opposed that, and I will always oppose that.

I will furthermore oppose any mandate from the state that requires me to allow myself to be treated that way, and one that is based wholesale on the notion.

It doesn’t matter to me what the end-goal is. I will always oppose the state being used as the weapon to reach that end. A moral outcome cannot be achieved through immoral means, and everything the state does is force, violence, and coercion.

If you want to wear a mask, fine. If the price of interacting with you is that I have to wear a mask, then I can either leave your presence or I can put on a mask. There is no reason whatsoever that violence has to enter this equation.

Entire industries were shut down with the stroke of a pen due to the lockdown orders issued by Governor Sununu. With the flick of his wrist, Sununu created twenty-thousand newly unemployed people. I cannot imagine how anyone can be okay with this.

Is it because “the greater good?” Is it some sort of non-sense about the greater good?

If so, I’ll return you to my statement that moral outcomes cannot result from immoral means.

It is impossible to eliminate drugs from society by going out and inflicting violence on the people who choose to partake in them, and decades upon decades of the Drug War have shown this. For some drugs, it’s probably a good thing that they be eliminated from society. Heroin, meth, cocaine… Society would probably be a better place if these things were gone. Decades into the Drug War, though, show that violence does not remove these things from society. Even if the aggression of the state had removed cocaine, heroin, and meth from society, at what human cost would that have come? How many murdered by the state? How many kidnapped? How many extorted? How many children taken from their loving parents? Even as a failure, the Drug War has wrought untold damage on the United States and the world. Imagine how great that damage would be if the War on Drugs had been a success.

“Well, we completely broke society, have 40% of the population in prison, only 6% of parents are raising their own children, 9,700 people are killed each year by the police, and we turned Afghanistan and Colombia into dust. But we eliminated heroin and cocaine!”

Would that be a moral outcome? Would anyone be okay with that, if painted in such stark terms? I would hope not. I would hope everyone would agree that the actions it would take to actually eliminate heroin and cocaine are so drastic and horrific that they must immediately be condemned as the actions of a maniac.

Furthermore, I am not going to lie. I’ve hidden my face from the world for most of my life, because I lived in the deep south full of Christians, and couldn’t live openly as a trans person. How dare you ask me to again hide my face. Then there are rape victims (I am not a rape victim) who report that wearing a face covering triggers flashbacks. I oppose any and all requirements by the state–and by anyone–that rape victims do things that will trigger flashbacks. 

We never know why someone isn’t wearing a mask. The assumption, though, has been “they are just being selfish.” I just hope people realize that they are thereby assuming that a rape victim who doesn’t want to relive her experience are “just being selfish.” I just hope they realize that telling a trans person to hide their face when they spent two decades doing that is “just being selfish.”

Furthermore, the enforcement apparatus of these mandates is horrifying. If bars chose not to close, or not to obey social distancing guidelines, they risked losing their business licenses, liquor licenses, etc. If bars chose to ignore that patrons weren’t social distancing, they could (and have been in many states) be fined, or lose their licenses. The state turned every business in the United States under these barbaric lockdown orders into government police forces. Your bartender is now your police officer. Your waitress is now your cop. Your barber is now telling you that you must obey the state, whatever the state says.

There is an actual, literal word for when the state and business become so intertwined that the lines cease to exist. There is a word for when businesses are so at risk of closure and seizure by the state apparatus that they enforce the decrees of the state. The actual word that describes those circumstances is “fascism.”

Everything part of the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

Benito Mussolini, the creator of Fascism, describing it

When “private” businesses are policing the citizens, they are part of the state. I don’t mean “fascism” in the sense of “everything I don’t like is fascism.” This is actual, literal fascism. It has turned every worker at every business in the State of New Hampshire, and especially in the City of Keene, into a police officer looking for violations of the state’s decrees.

This is not okay, and it’s not a precedent that we can allow to stand.

Lastly, I want people to remember that the state will ultimately enforce every law by killing those who violate that law. Just ask Eric Garner.

Heroes of Liberty and a Video Statement About the Vandalism

This is going to be a short post, but I wanted to say something.

Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Ross Ulbricht, and many others would be granted refuge in Cheshire County, and protected from federal agents by the power residing in the Sheriff, under Sheriff DiMezzo.

These people are heroes.

Lastly, for those who aren’t aware, my car was recently vandalized. I prepared this video statement about it. It’s worth watching.


Dead Girls Talking, The Vanguard, and Toward Anarchy

It was, as expected, another busy day–and a productive one.

To be released at some point today, there is a podcast/video show that I did with Dead Girls Talking, but the link to that will probably go up tomorrow, since I don’t have it yet. I’ve asked, but there were a lot of internet issues. Since I’m used to doing talk radio where you don’t get a moment to put out dead air, I handled these by just talking about whatever. I enjoyed the show, and they asked interesting questions; I very much look forward to releasing it here.

Immediately after that, I was on The Vanguard. who you can find on Twitter, for a brief 20 minute show that you can watch here:

And then, as usual for Wednesdays, I was on Free Talk Live with Ian Freeman, who, in addition to being a founder of Free Talk Live, manages the site known as Free Keene, which was the very first outlet to break the story of my “win” of the primary.

After Free Talk Live ended, I returned home to do an interview with Toward Anarchy, and had a great conversation. I have to admit, the last 5 days of constant “Go! Go! Go!” have taken their toll on me, but I don’t think I was ever subpar in any of these interviews. But I’m noticeably and visibly tired. It’s 1:30 in the morning, and my first interview of today was nearly twelve hours ago.

Here is the link to my conversation with Toward Anarchy. I’m not sure why it’s a video, but okay 😀

Believe it or not, I have not yet grown tired of talking, and, for that reason, I’ve decided that I’m choosing an Official Campaign Song.

I’ve been silent for far too long.

We’ve been silent for far too long.

It’s time to start speaking.

A Day of Awesome Interviews

It has barely stopped since the news went international Sunday night, and there’s probably another week of this before it really starts to die off. Then again, there will be a major campaign announcement within the next few days that may catapult us right back into the headlines. Because of it, I did something completely and totally unexpected for something as small as a county sheriff race: I brought on Ian Freeman of Free Keene as my campaign manager. He immediately brought to the table a degree of coordination and organization that I was lacking, but I don’t think it’s so weird that a sheriff candidate in low population New Hampshire would be getting AMA requests from Reddit and interview requests from Russian media. So it’s been a fun few days, although exhausting.

Today I did what I’m hoping will go down as the worst interview I ever did, but, as of right now, it is firmly the single best interview I’ve ever taken part in.

I want to thank Boyce Littlefield for the opportunity, and I hope that he enjoyed the appearance as much as I did.

That wasn’t the only thing to come up today, though. I woke up early to appear on Declare Your Independence with Ernie Handcock, and immediately after had an interview with an unnamed reporter (I won’t name him until he publishes the article). This interview went as well as the one with Mindful Skeptic. I look forward to its publication later this week.

The biggest news is probably the Reddit AMA that I was asked to do in r/politics. It is taking place Sept 24 at 1:00 pm EST. Don’t miss it. There’s also a donation page now that I’m back on Cash App.