Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

So I play in a rockband called “FUD,” which is an acronym for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. It is common in the cryptocurrency world, because FUD is the bulk of media representation that crypto gets. I’m familiar with fear, uncertainty, and doubt. I just saw something online, however, that made me fearful that humanity is getting the message, uncertain that people will ever understand their place in the universe, and doubtful that there is hope. It was this series of tweets:

First, this person intended this to be a positive message. It could have been positive, right up until the third part, where Waldman says, “I’m going to act like I don’t hate the Trump supporters around me.”

I think I’ve done so many shrooms throughout my life that I may have permanently broken my ability to hate. “Hate” as an emotion is simply no longer in my repertoire. My number one question to Waldman would be, “Have you tried just… not hating them?”

It takes effort to hate. And as I pointed out here, there is no reward to this hatred, because hatred only hurts the hater. It brings no sorrow, discomfort, or angst to the person who is hated; for the hater, however, it is a constant expenditure of effort and energy that could be directed toward something positive. To hate someone means to allow them to occupy a part of your heart forever, and to devote energy to that–poisonous energy that erodes the soil. Love is deep and rich like silt; hatred is dry and barren.

Loving someone requires no effort. It’s just the default position for a being that exists in our universe. Empathy is instilled in most mammals thanks to natural selection–and how genes survive best in the species rather than the individual–going along with that takes no energy at all. As Newton observed, “An objection in motion will stay in motion until an outside force acts upon it.” Love has all the momentum; hatred is the outside force. It takes energy to stop the wayward object floating through space; it takes no energy to just leave it be.

You’re an empathetic creature, if you’re reading this. You have the ability to empathize with all other living things. Why would nnnnnnanyone squander that and instead expend their energy on fear, hatred, rage, and loathing? Waldman has made a conscious and deliberate decision here to expend her energy on hatred. And because she isn’t ready to live in love and peace, she is “trying” to act like she doesn’t hate, which is nothing more than compounding a loss of energy and life with another loss of energy and life.

Instead of simply choosing not to hate, which requires no energy at all, she has chosen to continue hating, which requires energy, and then to pretend like she doesn’t hate, which requires even more energy.

Why is the trans Satanist anarchist the one saying this? Why is the freaking red-haired Satanist anarchist trans chick the one pointing out the idiocy of this?

The greatest tragedy of this, really, is that Waldman probably doesn’t even hate Trump supporters. She only thinks she does. The vast majority of Trump supporters have no idea what Trump represents, just like the vast majority of Biden supporters have no idea what Biden represents. They’ve bought into the religion wholesale, and they are convinced that “their team” represents ideas that the team doesn’t actually represent. In the same manner, Christians believed themselves to be preaching love as they undertook the Salem Witch Trials and the Spanish Inquisition.

There was no love in the Spanish Inquisition. I feel like that’s a point we can all agree on.

But there’s also no #BLM in the Biden/Harris campaign, or gun rights momentum in the Trump campaign. There’s no #Antifa in the Biden/Harris campaign, just as there is no “we need to stop taxing people into oblivion” in the Trump campaign. The rulers of the world, however, have learned that humans tend to fall into one of two groups, and they are exploiting the ever-loving fuck out of that to convince you to support them.

Barack Obama never took away your bump stocks. No, that was Donald Trump. Despite all the fervor about Obama trying to take away people’s guns, it wasn’t Obama who did that; it was Trump. In a similar way, despite Barack Obama being elected for his anti-war positions, and was given a Nobel Peace Prize before he even took office, he not only expanded the wars, but started some new ones, and took part in war crimes that would make Hitler blush. If the system wants war, it will elect a Democrat; if it wants gun control, it will elect a Republican. That’s been my take-away from this.

This is because I don’t see “the system” the way that you do. You still believe in it. I believed in it when I supported Obama. I believed that electing an anti-war Democrat after 8 years of bloodshed was the way to go. Obama promised change, and I believed it. And what happened? More war. More bloodshed. More death. More destruction.

You cannot begin to comprehend how much it hurts my soul to know that the United States has been in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years, and yet neither candidate made any mention of it during their campaigns. Or that the United States has been fighting in Iraq for 17 years, and, again, neither candidate felt that was important enough to talk about.

You want to talk about privilege, you spoiled-ass liberals?

Privilege is voting in an election when neither of the two major party candidates made any mention of two decades of bombs, bloodshed, insurrection, destruction, and death of entire nations.

Where was the talk of war this election? Did you just forget all of that? Did you get so wrapped up in the “Orange Man Bad” “Child Sniffer good” mentality that you forgot that the United States dropped more than 7,000 bombs just in Afghanistan in 2019? Where was the candidate pointing out “Holy God, this must stop, at any cost”? Because that figure of 7,000 bombs doesn’t include Libya, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, or anywhere else the American military is regularly dropping bombs.

What the fucking hell is wrong with you people?

How can you stand there and tell me that you have hope when Biden never even addressed the 20 year war in Afghanistan? Are you so narcissistic, so privileged, and so deluded that you care more about whether trans people are dropping those bombs than you do whether those bombs are being dropped?

When Trump banned trans people from joining the military, I applauded. Fuck yeah. Ban everyone from joining the military. What did you do? Did you cry discrimination? Are you trans? Why do you, as a trans person, even want to participate in this murder of millions across the globe? Am I missing something?



I’m missing hatred.