Election Reflection

It would be easy to be sad about the election results. For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, the election results are in, and I did not do very well. In fact, I probably did the worst of any major-party candidate in a two-way race throughout the United States. I’m not really upset by that; getting zero votes (beyond my own and my friends) was a realistic possibility. I am, after all, a transsexual anarchist and High Priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church. That is a whole lot of stuff about which the average voter may pause.

I’m sure there were still some Republicans who went into the voting booth and blindly voted on party lines, but it honestly couldn’t have been that high of a percentage of people. It’s hard to entertain the possibility that 25% of Republican voters in Cheshire County missed all of the headlines about their… unusual… sheriff candidate. In fact, the landslide victory for Rivera suggests that the bulk of Republicans voted for him instead of myself or the write-in candidate Earl Nelson.

But who knows why people voted how they did. Regardless, 25% of voters in Cheshire County cast their ballot for a transsexual anarchist and High Priestess of a Satanic church. Despite so much about me being repugnant to ignorant Republican voters who didn’t bother to actually learn my positions beyond my slogans, I received nearly twice as many votes in the general election as I did in the primary. This means that even more people voted for me Tuesday, after I became a figure that was almost impossible to miss in Cheshire County.

That, to me, is important.

The battle was lost, but the war is looking good.

Was the battle even lost, though? That depends on what the goal of the battle was. Was the goal to win the election? Yes? I wanted to win, but… I’m not exactly upset that I didn’t. This is because I would have, as Sheriff of Cheshire County, done exactly what I promised I would do. I said publicly that Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and countless other politicians would be arrested for war crimes if they set foot in Cheshire County and I was Sheriff–and I would have attempted that.

So let’s be real. The stuff I promised… I know what the consequences of it would have been. It was not “all talk,” and I would have done every bit of it. And it would have led to my death or a lifelong prison sentence. I wasn’t looking forward to that, and I knew that was where the path would go. Even if no such politician ever came to Cheshire County, that wasn’t the only plan I had to be a perpetual wrench in the state’s gears. I would have repeatedly committed Contempt of Court by refusing to take people guilty of only victimless crimes to jail. What would have been the repercussions of that? It’s impossible to say, but they wouldn’t have been good for my life or my freedom. If you push back against the state hard enough, it will eventually just remove you from the equation.

Beyond that, however, there is the fact that winning was not my only goal. My goal is liberty in my lifetime; winning the sheriff’s race would only have been one step toward that end. Winning was not the only step taken toward that end. I spoke to 40+ college students about how the state is a religion, and why they should oppose the state on all fronts. I convinced liberals that mask mandates are bad when we can instead reason with people like adults. I took the ideas of liberty into the metal world (much to my surprise). I brought the ideas to the Christians at the Next Level Church. I gained thousands of followers on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook, and I’m using those platforms to spread the ideas of freedom. Major news outlets quoted my posts here on the campaign site. I brought hope to countless LGBTQ+ people. In fact, it seems the only people who were upset with me were the AnComs and the Republicans.

Friends are reporting that they’re having conversations with people who intend to move to New Hampshire, and Keene in particular, because of me. And that’s what we need, because we need the numbers to allow for secession from the United States, so that ignorant voters in California don’t have ten times the power to choose who rules New Hampshire as the actual, literal people of New Hampshire. I’ve promoted the Free State Project (despite having no affiliation with it) and liberty candidates, and it seems that people are listening.

It’s a great place to be in. While many of the people I’ve reached would ordinarily recoil at the ideas of liberty, I get to cheat. I’m a metal-head. I’m a Satanist. I’m a trans pansexual. Their walls and defense mechanisms are down by default when they talk to me; they don’t simply reject what I’m saying out of hand in the way that they would if, say, Mark Edge approached them with the same ideas. That’s a powerful thing, and you can’t tabulate it in the same way that you can count votes.

I’ve received letters, emails, and postcards from LGBTQ+ people who tell me that I’ve inspired them. I don’t consider myself a trailblazer. I’m just doing my thing here. I’m literally just doing whatever I want, and whatever my mock alter ego Drunk Aria comes up with. I’m not trying to be a hero, inspiration, trailblazer, or troll. I’m just being me, and having fun. There was no part of this shitshow that I didn’t enjoy on a deep level. Even when 100+ signs of mine were stolen from around Cheshire County, I couldn’t stop laughing–and, indeed, I did a Bible Study on the subject of stealing.

When my car was vandalized, my official response was a freaking Rickroll and a joke about it being a gender reveal, not a hate crime.

I had fun. And that’s what matters to me.

I had fun while reaching people with the ideas of liberty and conveying a serious message to an interested audience. That’s Peak Activism if you ask me.

The only regret I have is that so many thought that my entire point was just to show how ignorant the average voter is about the people they’re voting for. I’m sorry to reveal this to you, but… that was an accident. I expected 25-50 votes in the Republican Primary, as I suspected most primary voters wouldn’t vote for a person about whom they knew nothing. Instead, the results were astounding: 4200+ people voted for me, presumably without knowing the first thing about me. That was the assumption, given the negative reaction there was to the fact that a transsexual Satanist anarchist was their sheriff candidate.

I never intended to make the point that I made. However, seeing the negative backlash and questions of “How did this happen?” sat in the back of my mind for a few days. The backlash was immediate, of course, but it just sat on the backburner: “This isn’t my fault. This is the voters’ fault. Why are they blaming me? They are the ones who voted for me despite knowing nothing about me.” Finally, on September 11, I decided to make a post about it. It just so happened that the next day, the story of my victory went worldwide. So when people came to my campaign site, that was the post they saw. The takeaway, for many, was that I was trolling Republicans.

That wasn’t the case. I was just exploiting the infrastructure of the Republican Party to run for office, because it was easy and expedient. Making Republicans look silly was incidental. I did then try to do the same to the other side. My lawsuit against the City of Keene and Governor Sununu over the mask mandates broke just a few days later, and I expected a lot of backlash from the liberals who suddenly supported me, over the fact that I am against mandates. Unfortunately, that never came to fruition, because my position… made a bit too much sense. I’m an anarchist, so they couldn’t be too surprised that I oppose any and all mandates from the state. Some were, but it didn’t happen in large enough numbers to have the same “Gotcha!” as did my winning the Republican Primary.

Honestly, I was trying to troll Democrats, but I was too upfront for that to have worked, and that’s fine. I’d rather be upfront and honest. There was, however, no trap laid for Republicans. I just did my thing, and the results were what they were. I’m generally unpredictable, even to myself, and this time it just happened to produce almost two solid months of non-stop lulz. We all had fun.

If you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong.

Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live

Vermin Supreme is having fun. I’m having fun. Are you having fun?

If you’re not, I’d recommend some psilocybin cubensis–aka “magic mushrooms”–to teach you how to have fun. Life is too short to get worked up over stuff. Freedom and liberty are the ideas that motivate me, and I want freedom and liberty because, fuck, I’m a mortal being here on this random rock orbiting a random star in a random part of a random galaxy in a universe beyond my comprehension. I want to have fun with these few decades through which I can enjoy the gift of existence. I don’t want to change the world. I just want to lie on my deathbed and be able to say to myself, with honesty, that I had as much fun with my brief existence in this ocean of confusion and chaos that I could possibly have had.

I want to enjoy my life. Do you want to enjoy yours?

If you’re fixated on the presidential election, the U.S. Congress, the national debt, and this other bullshit, I’ll have a hard time believing that you appreciate your mortality and want to enjoy your brief existence. Those things don’t matter. They would vanish tomorrow if we just stopped allowing them, and we can stop allowing them by choosing love over fear. Choose Bitcoin. Choose love. Choose peace.

You’re going to die. And even if you manage to do something that creates a legacy that is heralded for thousands of years, you, too, will eventually fade. You will be forgotten, and everything you ever did will be inconsequential and meaningless. You are meaningless. So am I.

So let’s have some fun in our few decades here. We don’t have to be violent. We don’t have to be fearful. The only thing we have to do is someday die. Until then, your life is yours. Stop obeying. Stop being afraid. Stop living in hate. Fuck them and fuck their system.

Live, laugh, love.

2 thoughts on “Election Reflection

  1. Chimi says:

    I wanted to truly thank you for your campaign in general, and this article in particular. You inspired me a lot, both politically and personally, and I will do my best for this gift to keep on giving. All the best in your future endeavours !

  2. Big Country says:

    Nice Try tho… been following down in FL as a ‘raised in NH’ (Hampton Specifically) when I heard about you. Well played but also, as you said… the i’g-no-rinse is ASTOUNDING! 4200 sheep… Ba!!!!
    Wish you the best in your future endeavors


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