5 Things I’ve Learned From This

The last six weeks or so have been extremely interesting, but I’m ready for the election so that, regardless of the results, I can at least move forward with a result. The biggest issue right now is having literally no idea what the voters of Cheshire County are going to do. I can’t help but notice that none of the Democrat houses that I drive past have Eli Rivera signs in the yard–they don’t have my signs, either, but even some Republicans who support me aren’t willing to put up my signs. It’s eerily similar to the 2016 presidential election, where Trump proved to have a lot more support than people expected, because people were afraid of the possible reactions if they vocalized their support for Trump. Then again, maybe it means nothing.

What is about to happen? How many Democrats will cross the aisle to vote for someone who is far more progressive and in-line with their goals than Eli Rivera? How many Republicans actually care about gun rights, small government, and low taxes, and will therefore vote for me? How many Republicans will vote straight party ticket? What will the Undeclared voters do? There are so many questions here, and I have no answers to any of them. I don’t particularly like that. I like knowing things; I dislike not knowing things. However, we’re less than two weeks away, so the Sword of Damocles will fall soon.

So here are five things that I learned, or already knew and had confirmed, over the last six weeks.

1. Hate isn’t very inspiring or motivating.

I have no doubt that there are plenty of people out there who hate me because I’m trans, because I’m an anarchist, because I’m a Satanist, or because of who-cares-what-reason. Other than my vehicle being vandalized and a few random death threats, hatred hasn’t really motivated anyone enough to reach out to me–which isn’t hard to do. Hatred doesn’t seem to even motivate people enough to go to my site and click the link to email me; that’s how impotent hatred is.

Love, however, is the opposite. Love has caused me to receive several kind, wondrous, handwritten letters from people. I can’t thank them enough for their beautiful actions. My address isn’t exactly easy to find, but it’s not impossible to find, and the feeling of awe and humility that strike me when I open the mailbox to find a handwritten letter that someone mailed to me… it’s indescribable. That’s someone whose life I touched in a meaningful way–meaningfully enough that they looked up my address, wrote me an encouraging letter, and went through the trouble of mailing it.

Support emails are relatively common. I get several of those a day, and I love them, as well. But there’s a different level of effort involved in sending me a handwritten letter, and I want to acknowledge that. Nevermind the people who seek me out to express kindness and love in person. It is truly–truly awesome.

I’m still not convinced the vandalism was in any way related to this campaign. The 100+ signs stolen from around Cheshire County was certainly related to the campaign, but that only happened on one occasion as of now. Signs did intermittently go missing here and there, but only on one occasion was someone motivated enough to steal my signs in large numbers.

Meanwhile, kindness and generosity again outweighed that. In reaction to the hatred that motivated someone to steal my signs, my friends and supporters (and myself) were out there, in some cases that very night, putting out my signs. My signs were gone from Cheshire County for maybe 4 hours. Love is a beautiful thing. Hatred is an impotent thing.

2. People are stubborn.

I have to admit that I’ve seen this far, far more on the left than I have on the right. People have gotten it into their heads that I’m an anarcho-capitalist, and they hate me for that. This is prevalent on Reddit, despite that it was during my Reddit AMA that I made it abundantly clear that I am a voluntarist. r/LGBT did this, too, with people pointing to a Quora post from nearly 4 years ago, in full disregard of the much more recent answers in the AMA. If they’re going to ignore my words and actions now in favor of words and actions from my past, then they might as well call me “he” and use my deadname, because I lived as a male during the day then for the sake of my job. Yet none of this argument reaches them. They are so set in their ways that they are unable to even fathom the idea that someone’s positions should evolve over time.

I am often criticized for this. “Oh, you’re a voluntarist today, but you were a communist 10 years ago. How do we know you won’t be a fascist tomorrow?” Well, really, you don’t. And I don’t, either. My loyalty is to reason and being less wrong today than I was yesterday. I’m probably never going to be correct, and, if I am, I will never know it. However, I can definitely be less wrong today than I was a year ago, and less wrong today than I was ten years ago. As of now, I’ve heard the arguments from all manner of political ideologies, and I landed at voluntarism as being the “least wrong” of them.

I was never a fascist, but I have heard the arguments of fascists, and this is another area where people on the left have closed their minds. I’ve been called a Nazi sympathizer, because I support freeing Chris Cantwell, who is a political prisoner. What people on the left need to remember is that you can’t have an opinion on what happened with Chris Cantwell without being a Nazi sympathizer. You’re either sympathizing with a Nazi who received online threats, or you’re sympathizing with the Nazi who made those online threats. If you think Cantwell should be in prison, then you are literally sympathizing with a Nazi. This case was wholesale one of Nazi in-fighting. My preferred solution was to let these hateful, bigoted monsters continuing destroying each other and each other’s careers. Intervening on behalf of either of them only helped the cause, and it wasn’t as though the “victim” here was the one who reported the threat. The FBI agent assigned to monitor the victim is why Cantwell was charged. You’re literally picking a side between two Nazis having a spat, and you’re calling me the sympathizer? Both sides in this equation are Nazis. Screw them. Let them tear each other’s throats out, if that’s what they want to do.

Again, though, pointing this out has no effect. They have made up their minds, and they are incapable of being reached.

3. People don’t care about freedom. They want to rule you.

Probably the best example of this is my position on mask mandates. For those who missed the headlines of the last six weeks, I am an anarchist. This means that I oppose any and all mandates from the state, because I oppose the state. As Sheriff, I will enforce those few mandates that are clearly allowed by the constraints of the Constitution, but the Supreme Court has taught us that anything and everything they will consider “constitutional” if it serves the state. I prefer a “common sense” approach to the Constitution, not an insane legal one where words on a page mean whatever an interpreter wants them to mean.

That said, mask mandates are absolutely unconstitutional. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask; I don’t care what you do. If you want others to wear a mask, reason with them. Convince them. But don’t put a gun to their head and force them to obey. You may think this is an exaggeration, but never forget that police killed George Floyd because of an allegedly counterfeit $20 bill, and never forget that police killed Eric Garner for selling single cigarettes. The police will kill to enforce any law. All laws are enforced by the possibility that the police will kill to enforce them. I don’t know how you can stand there and have the audacity to say “Black Lives Matter” while advocating for the creation of more excuses for police to kill black and LGBTQ people.

Everyone is antifa until a fascist government does something they like. I’m here to tell you, though, that the ends do not justify the means. An immoral action undertaken for moral reasons is an immoral action. I don’t care that you want to save lives; you are being immoral in the application. Do you really want me to believe that police won’t kill someone to enforce a mask mandate when Eric Garner was killed by police for selling loose cigarettes? Suddenly you trust the police to enforce laws that you like? I’m sorry that you don’t have a consistent approach to opposing fascism. I oppose it at all times.

For that matter, I am suing the City of Keene over its mask mandate. Why? Because they pushed the responsibility of enforcing it onto every gas station worker, every Starbucks barista, and every employee in any business. Does that sound familiar? Does a situation where businesses and employees are enforcing the law because they fear the state coming down on them sound familiar? Because that’s actual, literal, textbook fascism. With the stroke of a pen, the Democratic city council of Keene turned every employee of every business into an agent of the state, into a police officer enforcing the law. Fascism requires this because “we the people” will always outnumber law enforcement and the military. They need us to turn on each other in this way. They need us to police each other, because that’s the only way they can enforce laws on massive numbers of people. I don’t care what the goal is. Literal fascism is not the way to achieve that goal.

4. People don’t learn.

Circulating on social media today was the topic of bringing back straight ticket voting in New Hampshire. This is a ballot that presents you with “Republican” or “Democrat” at the top, and you fill in one bubble, and it’s counted as voting for the Republican or Democrat in every race. No thought needed, no research needed. Just vote for the party.

New Hampshire eliminated this in 2007, thankfully. It’s at least slightly better to make people put in the work to fill out individual bubbles–maybe they will use the time it takes to actually think about who they are voting for.

But why in the love of Satan is this making the rounds again? Did people learn nothing from my nomination? People voting based on party lines is literally how I got here (presumably).

5. No one is as clueless as Democratic and Republican Party leadership.

Oh, Lucifer, I don’t know where to begin. If the NHGOP and Cheshire County Republican Committee had any sense at all, they would be openly embracing my campaign, while doing their best to tone-down my message. They would be directing people to my Platform page as an explanation of my slogan, “F the police.” They would be parading me around as their favorite candidate. I am, after, provably reaching across the aisle. Is this not what they want? Do they not want to change the image of the GOP to something more inclusive than aging white people?

I can’t exempt Democrat leadership, either. I put the Democratic Party in a difficult position, but they should have said something positive about my campaign without endorsing me, like, “We are pleased to see the NHGOP and CCRC moving in a direction of inclusiveness and equality, but we stand with Rivera.” Instead, nothing. That’s all I can really say about that, but let’s not forget the same idiotic mentality gave you Hilary Clinton last time and Joe Biden this year, when Bernie Sanders would have been better on both occasions. It’s terrifying how inept they are, and how out-of-touch with people they are.

The Cheshire County Republican Committee has been scrambling to figure out what to do with me, and their decision was to refuse to comment. There is nothing they could have done that would have better ensured an absolute lack of Republican representation in 20 years than to ignore my candidacy. Hey, CCRC. Hey, NHGOP.

I’m the future.

And you know this.

Society is increasingly pro-LGBTQ. We’re increasingly pro-progressivism. You lost the war. Now adapt, or fade. I was your opportunity, here in New Hampshire and Cheshire County, to adapt and find middle ground. I reached out to you. There are ways you could have handled this that could have sustained the important elements of your worldview: small government, low taxes, and gun rights. You are unfit to lead anything. No one wants leaders who actively ignore the winds of change instead of adapting.

Adapt or fade.

Take your values where you can find them (pro gun rights, small government, and low taxes) from a trans Satanist anarchist who stands for those rights, or prepare to fade into oblivion as the world outpaces you.

The choice is yours.

2 thoughts on “5 Things I’ve Learned From This

  1. Alienami says:

    I love you and what you are doing! <3

    I'm a security officer, I'm trans (MTF), intersex, and a anarcho-communist — but I used to be a Republican, then Libertarian, then An-Cap, then realized money is actually 1 part bullshit and 2 parts weapon and 3 parts death cult… anyway, its funny how people are so stuck in THEIR ways they believe others cannot change based on new data and experiences; if you are not evolving…are you even living?
    My creed: the best way to be wrong is to always believe you are right. And, the best way to be right is to try and prove yourself wrong, until you can't.
    So, having said that, I need to make a few points but also want to agree with things you have said and talk about the areas I don't agree and why.

    Yes, good ideas don't require violence, but perhaps sometimes you have to stop crimes against humanity, somehow, ideally not with violence.
    And, the illusion of danger is far safer than the illusion of safety, which is what the police are mostly, because their true job is to "enforce laws" — good or bad, and courts have ruled they have "no duty to protect" and that is utter insanity, especially since their "solution" to rule breakers is usually to ruin their life (or sometimes end it on the spot, even though that isn't their duty at all and proof they are mentally unwell or a criminal) and send them to a artificial hell on earth (based on Christian falacy that pain makes people better and not more broken) to do slave labor for pennies as outlined by the ironically racist 13th Amendment that allows for STATE/FEDERAL owned slaves and plantations, which are now being privatized at no cost savings, just more human rights violations that increase profits by taking away money from prisoners care…
    Then, for drug users, in the factually unconstitutional war on drugs used as a weapon against select groups and verified as a plot by Nixon administration to target POC and anti-war movement, to "save them from themselves" they then ruin their lives and get the same done to them as previously described…because "somehow" that makes sense as a punishment for believing you have ownership over your mind and body with very safe compounds used historically for hundreds or thousands of years that could be made even safer and be used in safe settings if allowed thus no issue to ban them over, so the banning argument isn't even sane to begin with.

    However, I disagree with you with regards to masks.

    People can roll the dice for themselves, lick doorknobs in public and then go qurantine yourself for 2 weeks to gain a 2 to 4 month immunity, but you can't go in public without a mask during a pandemic.

    If infected, you are an active biological threat to those around you; you have no constitutional freedom or human right to endanger others. As Typhoid Mary found out.

    That is a crime with the very high potential of hundreds of victims from ONE person not wearing a mask.
    ONE person can infect an ENTIRE NATION and kill MILLIONS of people all because they didn't want to wear a mask and wanted to go vacation during a pandemic… this is why the USA is overwhelmingly on No-Fly-Lists from other countries right now… we clearly are too dumb or apathetic to give a fuck about our actions.
    We are disconnected from the reality of mass-murder and ethnic cleansing and class war of our inaction and actions during this pandemic. Trump repeatedly said he wanted the pandemic to "wash over" the country in public at rallies, this was when he was informed how deadly it was and who it would effect most… that Rich and White people would fair the best… an overt crime against humanity.

    A recent college study also found that Trump's rallies killed like 700 of his own followers from those rallies and infected many more… and then those people infected and killed others, too… and so on, and so forth…

    (Implausible example coming up, because its nigh impossible to craft a perfect apples to apples in this situation.)
    Not wearing a mask during this pandemic, its literally, factually worse than one person wreckless driving a military APC while drunk while blindfolded while shooting randomly out the window in a city full of a good mix of average people but focused more on the non-white and not-rich spectrum, as well as immune compromised and older people, and cats sleeping on the street — because the virus effects felines and some other animals also…
    How could anyone rationalize a different (but implausible) situation? You can't.
    Actions were taken and done, the only defense is not knowing you were sick, but since everyone should be wearing a mask in public there is no defense for not containing your own biohazardous spit behind a mask you can get from a $1 Store or get free from some places.

    Therefore, using moral musical chairs, masks should be worn because it would be a crime against humanity not to do something so simple and effective to endure a mask in public like a goddamn adult who isn't dumb as dirt, a psychopath or sociopath.

    Also, clothes, as an example… like why do we wear clothes? Why? Why is seeing a naked human bad enough to make laws…but wearing a mask during a pandemic is "bad"? Do we live in opposite land? No seriously…WTF is going on? Is logic dead? Or just empathy?

    Its been proven by all the countries who either volunteered to correctly wear masks, or were forced to, to be HIGHLY EFFECTIVE (for both the health of the people and the economy) and combined with contact tracing proven to allow them to re-open without masks by wearing them and doing the scientifically approved things and the morally correct thing… if done right and as soon as the first case appears, you have less lockdown shit later; an ounce of prevention is worth 100 pounds of cure in thise case.

    Having said that, people still have a personal and moral duty to wear a mask and spread accurate and fact checked information.

    Also, locking up sick people who don't want to wear masks is a dumb idea.
    Letting police lock people up during a pandemic is a dumb idea; they are even intentionally putting sick people in with malicious intent to infect others; to commit crimes against humanity… so again, we wouldn't want the police to do their usual bullshit anyway.

    Solution —

    So yeah, it wouldn't be unreasonable to slap people (i.e. use violence) not wearing a mask until they got the messsage, but I DON'T suggest that course…

    Shame would be a more powerful tool, its part of human psychology…

    Random and imperfect idea I pulled out of my ass — you could have regulated volunteers respond to anti-mask people by taking a picture of them (facial ID, geotag and proof for a public wall of shame) and then spraying them with dye and a stink agent so people avoid them and so people know they are likely infected.
    The dye should last 10 days or so, the smell should be strong but not too strong and last about 10 days ideally also.

    Cheap and effective and makes contact tracing and controlling virus easier… and the people may stink so bad they wear a mask so they don't have to smell themselves! LMAO 😛

    Anyway, love and peace and best wishes!
    – Ami

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