Republicans, Why Are You So Angry?

As rumors continue to reach me from various sources about a potential write-in campaign endorsed by the Cheshire County Republican Committee, I have to admit that my confusion only increases. I thought the GOP was the party of low taxes, small government, limited federal government, and the second amendment?

You won’t find a candidate stronger in these positions than I am.

You want low taxes? I want you to stop paying taxes. Use Monero or (at worst) Bitcoin. Don’t you want to be the one who chooses what you pay for? Don’t you want to stop funding Planned Parenthood? Then stop paying taxes. Opt out with Bitcoin. If you still want to pay some taxes, then you can still do that. Better yet, you can just choose to donate to organizations you support. I’m not seeing what the issue is here. I support low taxes–it’s hard to get lower than “no taxes.”

You don’t want to pay for other people’s stuff. I totally agree. You should have that choice. Unfortunately, with the current system, you don’t have that choice. Take that choice back. The government has failed you (as it was always destined to). Take power back into your own hands with cryptocurrency, most notably Monero.

So You’re Pro 2A?

I strongly advocate open carry and concealed carry. Defend yourself. Don’t trust other people to defend you. The only good government is a government that is scared of its citizens. With your “come and take it” sticker, who do you think would be the ones coming to take your guns?

I oppose any and all infringements on your right to defend yourself. Have whatever armaments you want. Not only is it your right, but it’s critical for the function of our republic for the government to be afraid of us. It should constantly be worried we will withdraw our consent. After all, it, like all governments, requires our consent, passive or explicit, to continue whatever it’s doing. If it isn’t afraid of what happens when you don’t consent, then you have no power over it.

Keep your guns. Buy more guns. Buy better guns. Make the government afraid of you. Your neighbors should not fear you, but the government should.

And of small government?

I’m an anarchist. I believe a society built on voluntary interactions would better serve humanity than this one of violence and coercion. It’s hard to get more in favor of “small government” than “no government.”

None of this is within the purview of a sheriff, though. When it comes to the federal government, all I can do as Sheriff is keep the Feds out of Cheshire County. I can’t make the federal government any smaller. I can’t do anything about its massive budget. I can only advise you to use Monero, or other privacy coins like Zcash or Hush, so that you aren’t paying for this nonsense.

All of these things align perfectly with what you believe the Republican Party represents, don’t they?

Now ask yourself which of my policies, exactly, aren’t in line with what the Republicans profess to believe. I think you’ll find the party itself is lying to you. The party itself is using you to further its own ends. They don’t care about you. They care about your vote, and they will lie to you limitlessly to get it.

I want you to be free.

There’s nothing “small” about a government that spends trillions of dollars on war. And I want to believe in American exceptionalism as much as you do; I just don’t want to be exceptional at murdering people around the world. I want America to be exceptional for being a place of openness, tolerance, love, and “leave me the hell alone.”

Praytell, NHGOP and Republican Committee of Cheshire County, what have I said that is ACTUALLY against your platform?

Be specific. Stop hiding behind curtains, you cowards. You want to talk? You know how to reach me.

But you won’t talk. You’re hiding in the shadows. Why won’t you face me? Is it, by chance, that I’ll reveal you as hypocrites, and show the entire world that you are exploiting people’s belief in you to further your own agendas?

Any time you want to arrange a discussion, I’m here, official Republicans. Stop lying to these good people about what you really are, you spineless serpents.

I think the GOP is so angry because I dare to actually represent what it’s always claimed to represent. I don’t think people who believe in gun rights, freedom, small government, and low taxes are angry with me. I suspect they support me. So my question is: Why doesn’t the professed party of gun rights, freedom, small government, and low taxes support me?

My friends, the party is lying to you.

9 thoughts on “Republicans, Why Are You So Angry?

  1. Dvlnsde says:


    I support what you are doing. I wish you all the luck.

    Let us know how we can help.

  2. Christopher M Lambert says:

    I think what you did is awesome, and I have no idea why people are so upset with you. I hope you win. This is the first year I have really paid attention to politics and the first year I’m voting. It’s been a real struggle to figure out who I want to vote for but I’m looking at each candidate and researching them.

  3. Half Crazed says:

    Republicans are mad because you’re a transexual. All lives matter until you’re not one of them.

  4. Roger says:

    I am Republican and your nomination reminds me of Trump’s nomination for president he showed the establishment that an outsider like him can win, and I think the Republicans don’t like you for your slogan because we are tired of riots and we think you will defund the police like the Democrats, after reading your campaign I now know you don’t actually hate the police and that you don’t want to defund it, which I am glad, and I agree with your 3 issues, there is also the problem of big tech censoring our beliefs. I think you and what you represent is outsiders taking on the establishment, and taking on globalists that put this country in decline, and Trump represents that as well.

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