Republicans, Why Are You So Angry?

As rumors continue to reach me from various sources about a potential write-in campaign endorsed by the Cheshire County Republican Committee, I have to admit that my confusion only increases. I thought the GOP was the party of low taxes, small government, limited federal government, and the second amendment? You won’t find a candidate stronger in these positions than I am. You want low taxes? I want you to stop paying taxes. Use Monero or (at worst) Bitcoin. Don’t you want to be the one who chooses what you pay for? Don’t you want to stop funding Planned Parenthood? Then

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Media & Hate Mail Roundup

First things first, huge shout out to Metal Injection, who not only put me in touch with the rock band Trivium, which ultimately led to some of their members endorsing me, but who also interviewed me last night: RIP a Livecast #586 – Joey Belladonna's Hair with special guest Aria DiMezzo It was an awesome discussion, and I’m humbled to see how much of the metal world is standing with me. I also did a show with Toward Anarchy, late one night last week. It was a recorded phone call, so the audio quality isn’t the best that you’re ever

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#FreeCantwell and Recent Interviews

First of all, I took part in a number of awesome interviews today. First was a discussion with The Necrosexual, which you can watch below. We talked about the reasons I am running for Sheriff, and we discussed music. It was great, and I enjoyed it. I want to say thank you to him for the awesome discussion. If you’re drunk or stoned, that’s a discussion worth watching. We also both agree that, after “Comfortably Numb” the narrative of The Wall completely falls apart. So that’s neat, even though I think “The Trial” is one of the most brilliant pieces ever written.

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Yes, I’m Suing Keene and Governor Sununu

First of all, don’t ask me about legal things, because I don’t have the answer. I don’t know the legal standing that I have to sue the City of Keene or His Excellency Governor Sununu. I pay someone to answer those questions–an attorney. The attorney has assessed that I have standing, so… I have joined Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live and Malaise Lindenfield in suing the City of Keene over its mask mandate, and suing Governor Sununu. This seems to be coming as a surprise to the people who discovered me due to the international reaction to my nomination as the

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Heroes of Liberty and a Video Statement About the Vandalism

This is going to be a short post, but I wanted to say something. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Ross Ulbricht, and many others would be granted refuge in Cheshire County, and protected from federal agents by the power residing in the Sheriff, under Sheriff DiMezzo. These people are heroes. Lastly, for those who aren’t aware, my car was recently vandalized. I prepared this video statement about it. It’s worth watching.  

Dead Girls Talking, The Vanguard, and Toward Anarchy

It was, as expected, another busy day–and a productive one. To be released at some point today, there is a podcast/video show that I did with Dead Girls Talking, but the link to that will probably go up tomorrow, since I don’t have it yet. I’ve asked, but there were a lot of internet issues. Since I’m used to doing talk radio where you don’t get a moment to put out dead air, I handled these by just talking about whatever. I enjoyed the show, and they asked interesting questions; I very much look forward to releasing it here. Immediately after that, I

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A Day of Awesome Interviews

It has barely stopped since the news went international Sunday night, and there’s probably another week of this before it really starts to die off. Then again, there will be a major campaign announcement within the next few days that may catapult us right back into the headlines. Because of it, I did something completely and totally unexpected for something as small as a county sheriff race: I brought on Ian Freeman of Free Keene as my campaign manager. He immediately brought to the table a degree of coordination and organization that I was lacking, but I don’t think it’s

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Well, well, well… If it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.

At noon today, September 15, on the Free Keene Youtube, you will get my full and complete thoughts on this subject in video form. You can watch it at noon, EST, here: For those who missed the news, my car was vandalized by a hater or group of haters. I woke up Sunday morning to the car detailer I’d hired to detail the interior (as an aside, she accepts cryptocurrency!) having texted me, informing me that my tire was flat and needed to be checked. That’s weird, because I have tire pressure sensors on each tire, and they alert

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A Time of Self-Reflection

There are rumors that I do not intend to campaign against Eli Rivera. These rumors are not true, and I will be campaigning to win in November. Hate mail is really coming in now, although most of it is just passive aggressive nonsense that says what it means to say without explicitly saying it. C’est la vie. I’m used to receptions that aren’t exactly warm. In fact, I’m used to quite a bit worse. Let’s face it: I do a nationally-syndicated radio show that streams to the Internet, where I have my own Youtube channel, and where I do my

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