Who is Aria DiMezzo?

Aria DiMezzo is one of two candidates for Sheriff of Cheshire County. She has had many encounters with police in her life, and very few of them have been positive. She is the High Priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church, a trans woman, and an anarchist Republican. She is definitely not a socially progress libertarian hijacking the Republican Party. 

Aria is also from the south, where she has seen first-hand the dangers of bigotry, overt and subtle. These biases inform the actions of police in terrifying ways, since they are allowed to “exercise discretion” in which “crimes” to pursue and which to ignore. This leads to a disproportionate targeting of black people and LGBTQ+ people by police, who, like all predators, seek out the weakest prey they can find. Although the struggles of black Americans and LGBTQ+ people throughout history prove that these minorities are far from weak, the fact remains that the social structures that protect straight, cisgendered white people do not extend to other groups. 

Rather than bias training (which police, off the record, admit to laughing off, in the same way that all workers zone out during orientation and training videos), Aria has a different approach: stop enforcing laws against victimless crimes harmless choices. 

Cheshire County is already a sanctuary county for immigrants. Aria stands firmly in support of this, yet it doesn’t go far enough. Why only immigration? If Cheshire County is going to ignore one victimless crime harmless choice, then it should go ahead and ignore them all. 

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